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What?! You can’t eat meat?


What is with this question?

I mean, I know as veggies we all get the “But where do you get your protein?” Q&A sesh. But really, is there anything more annoying than being interrogated by patronizing people who are not actually concerned about your well-being and nutrition?

Here are my Top 5 annoying questions or comments from meat-eaters: 

1. What?! You can’t eat meat? No, I’m not unable to eat meat. I choose not to eat meat. As crazy as it sounds to you, while you chow down on your hamburger, I’m actually enjoying my roasted veggies, baked potato and dark leafy greens. Really, I like it.

2. But where do you get your protein? Ahh, the typical protein question. We’ve all heard it. The provoking question masked as concern. I understand that some people may have a genuine concern for your health (like my mother, who really does care). But others… well others, they’re just trying to prove your lifestyle wrong. (And most likely make themselves feel better while they’re at it.)

3. I could never give up (insert non vegan item here). Um, yes. Yes you could give it up. You choose not to… and that’s fine and dandy. But quit making excuses. I’m not braver, crazier, stonger-willed… I have just made the decision and worked hard to stick to it. If you don’t want to… that’s fine, I’m not on a crusade to convert you. But don’t make excuses.

4. I’d rather enjoy my life than be restricted with what I can eat. Otherwise said as YOLO. Hmmmm. Is that cheeseburger really going to help you have a meaningful, exciting and fulfilling life? Is it so damn good that you’ll still be talking about it years from now? This really goes for vegans and non-vegans alike, a healthy lifestyle is key to having that YOLO experience. Healthy and happy, and not bound by medications, limitations and disease.

5. What do you eat? Salads? Yep, that’s about right. Salad is the only food item approved for vegans (note the extreme sarcasm). Cutting out animal products should be viewed as expanding your horizons instead of limiting your options. After going vegetarian I was forced to find new recipes which lead to a plethora of new and exciting cuisines.

6. [Your experience HERE]What’s the most annoying or most frequent question/comment you receive about being vegan/vegetarian?


Don’t get me wrong – I love to share my knowledge, experience and passion for health, fitness and becoming vegan. And if you’re genuinely interested, I have no problem defending my decisions. But if I don’t comment on your dinner plate, don’t comment on mine.


2 thoughts on “What?! You can’t eat meat?

  1. “What not even fish?”, I assume people who ask me this must thing fish are vegetables or something.

  2. Surprisingly, I can relate. I was vegetarian for most of high school, slowly transitioning back to eating meat my freshman year of college. As ashamed and sad as i am to admit it, my abandonment of vegetarianism was for 3 reasons:

    1. Lack of vegetarian options in the dining hall & not being able to cook in a dorm.
    2. The vegetarian options that were available were not the healthy and i was set on not gaining weight, (which i achieved, and instead gained “the junior year 15.” oops.)
    But the biggest reason was….
    3. The peer pressure. My god. I was tired of always explaining my food choices and most often tried to fly under the radar. I hated debating with people and being interrogated for my choices. I felt like i was always freaking people out when they invited me to dinner – OH NO, what am i going to cook for her? It got to the point where i declined dinner invites, which is not a good move for your college social life. I didn’t like inconveniencing people and I’ve probably always cared a little too much what other people thought of me. I caved.

    Now that I am a grown adult – these things don’t apply to me so much.But it’s still amazing to me how much other people care about what you put into YOUR body. It’s empowering to have some responses ready for some of these common questions/comments – to shut people up & for your own sanity. Fortunately, I think a lot more people are receptive to this lifestyle than they were 7 years ago. I have no statistics to back this, but the obesity rates alone should tell us that the typical American lifestyle is NOT healthy. Sorry i wrote a novel. Looking forward to reading more of your posts! 🙂

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