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My First Marathon

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Such a terrible story about the Boston Marathon. My heart goes out to the family of those who lost their lives and those who were injured.

Here’s a link to the news:

In honor of those affected by today’s events at the Boston Marathon:

My First Marathon

Charlene Kurth


The decision’s been made, registration complete

Most think I’m crazy to attempt this feat.


It won’t be too easy, to train and to run

It won’t be too easy, but it’ll be fun.


I’ve got some time to get myself ready

Breathe in and out, keep those legs steady.


Water bottles, iPods, sneakers and Gu

Bodyglide and chafing, this is all so new.


Race day is coming and I’m getting so scared

What do I do if I’m not prepared?


Thirteen point one wasn’t quite all that bad

At the halfway point now and I’m so glad


It’s starting to get hard, really getting rough

“Keep on going” they yell, “You can do it, be tough!”


My knees are in pain and feet swollen large

Please stay strong brain; you’re the one that’s in charge.


I’m not going to make it; I’m gonna collapse right here

“You’re almost there, so close, the finish line is near”


Never again, what the hell was I thinking?

I should be with my friends, at the bar drinking.


Wait, what is that? Only a mile to go

Pick up the pace, you’re running too slow!


I cross the finish, clock shows 4:43

Eyes well up with tears, my heart fills with glee.


I actually did it, I finished the race

My medal hangs proudly with a grin on my face.


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  1. I loved it!

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